My Research

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My research combines fields such as analytical language philosophy, cognitive semantics, ontology engineering and artificial intelligence. It paves the way for a completely novel and, as yet, untested approach to working with the human aspect of artificial intelligence, and because its key content and essence turned out to be in line with the theoretical basis for a thus far unpublished, five-year research project at Berkeley University, it attracted the attention of both the research community and the media.

Lecturing on AI 2019

Portrait photo from AI talk at the Danish corporate law award event 2019

In my daily work at IT company Delegate, I use my expertise and research in artificial intelligence to create and challenge the ways in which we use data to develop customised AI-driven solutions to add novel value for our clients. I also apply my prizewinning communication skills to deliver lectures on these fields and to give interviews and participate in debates and other knowledge-sharing activities, focusing specifically on artificial intelligence and my own research in the field.

Panel debate on the future influence of AI, with Ida Auken and a journalist from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Radio Interviews (Danish)

Blog at Version2 (Danish)

Column about Generative AI in Practice on Computerworld (also in print)

Online publications / Press (Danish)

Lectures and workshops

In my lectures, I make use of my experience of practical implementation of AI in Danish companies and organisations, my internationally renowned research into tomorrow’s AI and the experience I have gained from the business sector and working with the SIRI Commission and the Danish government’s Data Ethics Task Force. I often live-code AI during the course of the lecture, and I make it a top priority to be inclusive, challenging, inspiring, entertaining and understandable for everyone.

Ved foredrag om AI 2019

Portrætfoto fra AI-foredrag ved Virksomhedsjuristprisen 2019

“Erik David Johnson manages to make artificial intelligence concrete, relevant and business-oriented. What’s more, he caught the audience’s attention and challenged their ideas. A good experience for everyone.”
-Lars Jacobsen, Editor-in-Chief, Computerworld

“Many thanks for your excellent presentation for new Members of Parliament. You not only presented the technology and its potential, you also explained its ethical and professional dilemmas and challenges. You’ve helped provide our decision-makers with a better basis for taking the important and difficult decisions associated with our digital society.”
-Birgitte Hass, Director of the Danish ICT Industry Association

“Erik David Johnson combines a deep understanding of the workings of language with a unique technical talent. Here thereby manages to convey even the most complicated topics, such as AI and generative language models, like ChatGPT, in a way that everyone is able to grasp.”
-Sabine Kirchmeier, Former Director of the Danish Language Council, and President of EFNIL

“We’ve received positive feedback from the participants, and your relaxed and inclusive form of communication, in particular, was noted. Complex information suddenly became more tangible, and the participants were able to see the opportunities and potential of the technology.”
-Malin Marker Persson, Head of Digitisation and Development at HK

“Fantastic presentation, both the content and the way it was communicated. He should teach everyone what AI is (and is not)! Possibly the best presentation of the day.”
-Anonymous participant at a lecture for Danish IT professionals

You will find examples of the types of lecture I hold here. I have also gained extensive experience in holding workshops, where I gather IT professionals, business experts and management to discuss options for AI- and data-driven solutions as well as potential next steps.

Published research